Industry Solutions.

With our years of experience with the specific verticals, we have developed digital solutions that transform some of your most critical processes. These solutions are generic enough to suit any business and yet customizable further to your suit your unique requirements.


PharmaInsights from SQLSquare Is a platform catering Sales Management needs of Pharmaceutical Manufactures. PharmaInsights Platform digitizes Sales and Territory Management processes for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers complementing the existing ERP and CRM solutions in use today. Learn more..

PharmaInsights Platform solutions include:

  • PharmaSMS – A Sales and Territory Management System for accurately tracking sales of your products from distributors to pharmacies. Learn More..
  • PharmaAnalytics – Extensive Analytics, Dashboarding and Reporting solution to derive real intelligence from Sales and Territory management Data. The data source can be PharmaSMS or your existing system. Learn More..
  • PharmaAdvantage – A set of algorithms utilizing your sales, industry and market data to detect favorable market conditions to optimize the discounts and allowances. Learn more..
  • PharmaForecast – Sales Planning and Forecasting Environment for planning and setting targets for Salesforce.

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