About us

Over the years, SQLSquare have evolved into a preferred consulting and software development partner for enterprises in their Digital Transformation Journeys. SQLSquare offers services and solutions that are enables its customers in their Digital transformation journey.  SQLSquare complements its varied portfolio of services and solutions with unparalleled services and support.

Founded in 2006, and primary focused in development of a sales management system for Pharmaceutical manufacturers, SQLSquare develops and markets solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing companies. SQLSquare’s PharmaInsights Platform provides solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

Our services are suitable for customer of all sizes and all verticals. We has grown to become the most caring and value driven service provider for specific information technology needs for our customers.

We have strategic partnership with a number of technology vendors and IT service providers.

We are proud of our team, partners, vendors and most of all, our respected and valuable customers.

Our Vision

Become a trusted digital transformation partner by providing solutions that deliver desired outcomes for our customers.

Our Way

We combine our strengths and diversity to drive success for our customers and for ourselves. We partner with our customers and suppliers. 

Our communication with each other is clear, timely, honest and accurate. We take pride in our achievements and celebrate our successes. Our performance culture allows us to anticipate and meet our customers’ requirements with speed, agility and flexibility. We deliver on our promises with integrity, respect and quality. .

We challenge the norms. We strive for innovation in everything we do.

We strive for excellence through continuous improvement.

Our Experience.

We are able to fulfill your critical needs by our ability to address both business and IT needs in an accurate, efficient and high quality manner. We have formulated our best practices with a standardized approach that can be customized to meet your unique business characteristics and requirements. Our experienced, qualified and certified professionals understand the technology and have sound business acumen and project management skills. We have experience to tailor solutions to  companies of all sizes and industries. We offer affordable, maintainable, scalable and robust solutions for your tactical and/or strategic requirements.

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Check out our Digital Transformation and Product Development consulting services.


Check out our Digital Transformation and Product Development consulting services.


We offer wide array of solutions to meet your needs.

Solutions for your success

We offer wide array of solutions to meet your needs.


Services tailored to your unique situation.


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