SMBCloud  – Our turnkey solution offering for small and medium size businesses to migrate their all on-premise workloads to cloud.

We help small and medium size businesses leverage the power of cloud efficiently. We provide end-to-end turnkey solution for running your entire business from cloud.

We select leading and proven cloud services from multiple vendors based on your current and future workloads, implement chosen services, migrate your existing workloads and data to cloud and  operate the services in cloud for you. We strive to eliminate any on-premise compute infrastructure.

Our Approach for SMBCloud is a multi-phase approach. The key activities in each of these phases are outlined here:


  • Understand your business and technology requirements for your business end-to-end.
  • Analyze your existing on-premise and cloud technology solutions.
  • Perform Gap Analysis


  • Select best of breed, cost effective cloud services to match your workloads
  • Create transition strategy, implementation plan and change management plan Save

Implement & Migrate:

  • Implement and Migrate the on-premises services
  • Migrate Data as we implement services

Operate & Optimize:

  • Manage and Administer services
  • Optimize, Functionally, Technically and Financially

We provide a comprehensive and integrated solution for collaboration, productivity, sales, marketing, human resources, operations and line of business applications by integrating off-the-self Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions at a single per monthly operating cost.

SQLSquare offers consulting services helping you with your Cloud-Native transformation journey. Our Services include: