In order to understand what cloud native is, let’s review how was have reached where we are.

This progression toward the cloud native era highlights the fact that a simple migration or “lift and shift” of applications to the cloud is not enough to exploit the true benefits of the cloud.

While there is no single, standardized statement that explains what cloud native means, the essence of the term and how it is used is this: Cloud native is about optimizing applications and their environments to take maximum advantage of the core characteristics of cloud computing with the goal of achieving transformational digital and business outcomes. Applications that are built to run in cloud environments are:

  • Designed for and deployed to distributed computing resources to leverage economies of scale
  • Elastic; that is, they respond dynamically to changes in workload
  • Easy to deploy and manage on demand because management of the underlying platform and infrastructure has been abstracted away
  • Resilient against failure

At the end of the day, cloud native is important because it enables organizations to achieve transformational digital and business outcomes by taking full advantage of the myriad benefits of the cloud. A well-executed cloud native strategy lets you move faster and deliver greater value by:

  • Improving customer experiences and fostering loyalty
  • Creating competitive advantage through increased agility and faster time-to-market
  • Disrupting the industry by enabling new business models
  • Reducing costs through increased operating efficiency
  • Driving higher profits by increasing customer value and creating new revenue streams

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